It is a semi-erect shrub plant. Its habit type growth is IIb (indeterminate bushy) with good branching and production of a large number of beans. It blooms at 38 days and maturation takes place at 68 days. Their life cycle is 76 days. This variety comes from the breeding program which seeks the MustiaHilachosaof beans resistance, caused by RhizoctoniaSolani Kuhn on an asexual state of ThanatephorusCucumeris Frank(Donk).Guaymi comes from MUS 106 line. It was officially released in 1996.

It has a flat black grain color. It’s flower is alilac color, and the beans at physiological maturity are a violet cream color.

This variety has wide adaptation. It is recommended for the (principal or main) areas of bean production in the country. The yield depends on the sowing and the agronomic management system. At an experimental level, its average crop is 1667 kg. and on gardeners farms it is 1226 kg. It’s harvests is recommended under monoculture conditions.