For about four years the Cabecar Beans variety was evaluated for its high performance, resistance to diseases and agronomic traits in field experiments, experimental stations and farms from farmers. The evaluation sites comprehend the principal producing areas and this covered the entire range of edaphoclimatic where the commercial plantings of beans in Costa Rica are performed.

Stage of verification was conducted in seven locations in two seasons at growers’ farms and under their conventional management.

It‘s commercial potential is based on performance, adaptation and architecture, as well as its grain color light red, which gives more value for marketing.

The Cabecar bean variety was introduced in Costa Rica in the Central American adaptation and performance (Red ECAR)in 1999. This material was developed in 1995 in the Agricultural School Panamericana El Zamorano in Honduras, from the simple cross Uncle cinnamon Tío Canela 75 x DICTA 105. From this crossing, the line EAP 9510-77 was selected.

Plant Features

The morphological description of the Cabecar variety was carried out at the Experimental Station Fabio Baudrit Moreno and complemented with observations made in the different areas where it was evaluated.

  • Bloom beginning: 35 days
  • Duration of bloom: 15 days
  • Flower Color: white
  • Growth habit: type II, indeterminate shrub guide short.
  • Filled pods home: 40-45 days
  • Immature pod color: light green.
  • Days to harvest: 72-75 days
  • Color of the mature pods: cream uniform
  • Seeds per Pod: 7

Seed Bean Characteristics

  • Main Color: intense red with a glitter.
  • Main form of seed and weight of 100 seeds: 24 g


The altitude of the places where we evaluated the Cabecar variety, ranged from 7 meters in Cañas up to 960 meters in Puriscal, which covers all the area where commercial bean sowings are carried out. The regions with more bean production are the Bh-T (tropical rainforest) and Bmh-P (very humid Premontane forest) and the most important commercial area is Bh-T. In the localities in this area, the temperature varies between 22° C and 28° C and the rain fall varies between 1800 mm and 3600 millimeters per year.