We are a small group of producers dedicated to the marketing and production of corn and beans. We have organized ourselves in order to find solutions to our problems (marketing, credit, production, transport and community problems).

Pejibaye district is considered as part of the so-called “granera zone” and its producers have extensive roots in the harvesting of basic grains.

The activity of basic grains has many decades of operation; therefore, it is easy to identify events that mark historical stages of this activity.

One of these events was in the beginning of the decade in 1990, when the CNP decided to stop purchasing,and collecting basic grains and their commercialization. This caused a reduction of planting and production across the country. The areas that had a great tradition in basic grains planting, practically disappeared. Many of their crops decreased causing a socio-economic situation.

After these situations, new organizations emerged promoted by MAG in 1992 and 1993. MAG was obligated to take charge almost immediately of the collection and commercialization of basic grains. This situation arose mainly in the Southern areas of the country such as Pejibaye, Pilas, Colinas and Changuena. As a result, organizations emerged for producers such as Guagaral, Veracruz, Concepción and El Aguila.

Due to the closing of the of purchase and collection of grains by the CNP (National Council of Production), a large number of farmers, who sold their grains to this institution, began to look for alternative marketing channels. This is why it emerged as an initiative of the community and the creation of the Asociación de Productores Comunidades Unidas en Veracruz. In fact, this was initiated with thanks to the effort and the need for an establishment that received and processed products (corn and beans) allowing producers to market their grain directly.

The Asociación de Productores Comunidades Unidas en Veracruz was a collection center built around 1992 by the residents of the community. It is an organization of the community at Veracruz’s and some surrounding communities, dedicated to the basic grains as the main activity. Currently, this building is a very small space for the volume of production that occurs.

The Asociación de Productores Veracruz has ventured into the field of sales, drying and enlisted basic grains services. This is to ensure the harvests do not deteriorate or lose qualities from excess moisture or low income by the producer as a result of the total loss of harvest or lower prices because of lower quality, not mattering if the people are not affiliated with the Association.