Brief description of the organization

Organization Name:

Asociación de Productores Comunidades Unidas en Veracruz

Main economic activity: Basic grains marketing of (white corn, red and black beans).

Estimated annual production: 30,000 pounds of beans (red and black) and 34,000 pounds of white corn.

Number of harvests per year: 2 (one in January to February and another in August to September).

Estimated production quantity of harvests: 15,000 pounds of beans (red and black) and 16,000 pounds of white corn.

The representative of the organization is: Freddy Morera Mena.



We are a small group of producers dedicated to the marketing and production of corn and beans.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is represented by: Freddy Morera Mena, Randal Rodríguez Quirós, Denia García…

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We have 369 members from different communities…

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These are some of the services, that we provide for our members partnership…

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Social Responsibility

Listed below you can see some of the social projects that are carried out by the Organization in the community and some benefits for its members…

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Our facilities are located in Veracruz, in front of the Catholic temple…

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